“Tucker” Ryken ; We’ve seen a HUGE change in Tucker! My oldest son said “man….Tucker is like a new dog, that obedience lady is amazing” Thank you Nikolett






“Titus” Page: Thank you Nikolett for helping us train our baby boy. Now he’s off leash and his recall is on point.

Zues” Stanton: It was absolutely wonderful meeting Nikolett. My dog acted better after our first session and now is finally a well behaved companion. She was awesome with him and he responded so well with her it’s unbelievable. 

 “Ollie” Vicky: I can’t say enough good things about Nickolett!  We have a rescue dog that has developed  a very specific bad behavior that we have been unable to correct on our own.  Nikolett was amazing! She took her time to understand our dog and worked with me to to correct the behavior. She essentially trained me!  She has a kind and gentle approach which stems from an obvious genuine love of animals- my dog responded really well to her training. She gets results without being harsh. Without hesitation I would work with her again and would definitely recommend her!

“Cocoa” Luzinho: Cocoa was dog aggressive and leash reactive and after a few training sessions with Nikolett I have the dog I always wanted. One that actually listens to me when I give a command on the first time. It has been very relaxing taking our dog on walks now. Thank You Nikolett for what you do. 

“Buddy” Stephenson: Without Nikolett I don’ t know what I would have done. My Rescue pit-bull finally is waling and not pulling on the leash and has manners. She saved my arm and sanity . Thank you so much Nikolett.

“Cadbury” Ayla: Our Cadbury loves to give kisses, but if you would turn your face away he would “snap” at your face until you let him kiss you. She gave us some great tips and within no time he stopped snapping! He also gets separation anxiety when we leave him home alone, so she gave us some great tips to make him feel more comfortable. I cannot recommend waqNikolette enough! She’s amazing. Her love and understanding for dogs really shows.

Heather “Mak” : Nikolett is so amazing! We got our bully at 6 weeks old and had been trying to teach him to be good! That’s when I was referred to Naughty to Nice! Mack is very stubborn but he is now doing great thanks to Nikolett and her training! Thank you so much for helping me with my baby boy!

Kathleen M. “Nala” : We have a 6 year old Pomeranian Nala. She would bark excessively and would pee on the bathroom rug. After our sessions with Nikolett  the barking is now controlled and i don’t have to wash the bathroom rugs daily. She really knows what she is doing. She was always available when I needed her with great training tips. I would recommend her to anyone who needs help.

 Vanessa “Rocky”: I’ve had tons of success  and have noticed such a positive change in my 4 legged baby. She’s given so many useful tips, not only for controlling his behavior, but even went to advice for the type of food she recommends as well. Nikolett is amazing!

Janelle “Dimond and Bear” : I didn’t have a clue when it came to getting the Pitt bulls I’ve had to get in line.  No matter how much I try to set boundaries or scold them, nothing ever works.  Nikolett not only possesses the wisdom of “dog whispering”, but she absolutely loves what she does! She has a passion for it.  She knows how to make a person and their pet both feel truly valued and loved.  She is incredibly informative and helpful in every way.  The biggest thing that stands out to me is all the love in her heart for the furry members of our families. 🙂