Essentials for pet parents

Here are Amazon links to products that I recommend. Before purchasing any items below I recommend having a training session to discuss the right plan and how to properly use the equipment with your dog. Every dog is different and requires a training plan that is tailored to your dogs needs.

Agility 1:

Agility 2:

Agility 3:

Bitter Apple to prevent chewing on items:

Easy Walk Harness:

Easy Walk Harness Deluxe:

Enrichment Toy for Treats or Kibble/meals 1:

Enrichment Toys for treats or Kibble/meals 2:

Enrichment Toy for Treats 3:

Fish Oils:


Grooming Brush:

Grooming brush/Bath brush:

Immune Boost Supplement:

Kong for Large dogs / aggressive chewers:

Kwik Stop (Stop nail from bleeding)

Leather Leash:

Leash for Teathering :

Nail trimmers Large Dog:

Nail Trimmers Small/Medium dog:

Peppermint Essential Oils from DoTerra

Pet Toothpaste:

Pet Toothbrush:

Pinch collar:

Play Pen:

Potty Bells:

Puppy Heartbeat Stuff Toy:

Remote Training Collar:

RemoteLess Training Collar:

Scat Mat:

Seat Belt Attachment:

Slow Feeding Bowl:

Small/Medium Kong:

Teething Toys / Bones 1:

Teething Toys / Bones 2:

Teething Toys / Bones 3:

Teething Toys / Bones 4:

TeethingToys / Bones 5:

Teething Toy Small Breed 6:

Teething Toy Large Breed: 7

Training Lead:

Training Treats 1:

Training Treats 2:

Training Treats Freeze Dried: